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The Big Financial Firms Are Right … But They Got It Wrong

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Financially, the big financial banks and investment firms want you to think that you are unique.

The truth is…YOU ARE!

The reality is if you don’t have an amount that they deem worthy, they don’t treat you as unique…if they even take care of you at all.  They may send you to a call center where you get a different person every time you call in (no proactivity).  They may put you into the portfolio of the month and then never call you again.  Or they don’t see your money even worthwhile to manage.

That is why I formed Neshaminy Creek Advisors.  Regardless of how much money you have.  I serve and support your goals.

Earlier this year, I joined a network of local professionals that help each other with their clients.  I was able to join because the financial advisor that they had in the group had an established $1,000,000 minimum.  Because of this, he was not able to provide value to the network or to the clients that the network could connect him with.

I seek out other professionals that think the same way as I do.  Who want to serve you regardless of where you are from a financial perspective?

I have no investment minimums to speak of.

This is one of the things that make me unique.

Neshaminy Creek Advisors serves you to meet your unique circumstances and your strategies are colored with your unique journeys.  At the same time, I found my clients share some common traits.

    • You are creative. Whether you believe it or not.
      • You got into your financial situation somehow. It may be a good financial situation or a bad financial situation. But you got there creatively. You may have $250,000 in your 401k. Or you may be just starting. You may have $50,000 in debt or none. Or any other of a myriad of financial situations. How did you pay for college? How did you fund your business? How do you survive/thrive financially from week to week or month to month? How are you paying down debt? What side hustles do you have?
    • You care about your finances.
      • Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! If you care about your finances, you seek out help. You seek advice. Believe it or not, some people don’t care. They believe that what they have in life is what they have. They don’t seek to improve. But you are looking to improve.
    • You are open minded.
      • Because you are seeking advice, you are open to new ideas. Different ideas. You are not satisfied with the cookie cutter ideas that big firms continually show us. Many repackaged as new. You are looking to save. You are looking to invest. How can you do that while earning a set amount every two weeks, or have a variable income due to working on commission or own your own business?

So those are some of the characteristics of the clients that I serve.  What do you think?  What other things make you unique from a financial perspective?  I encourage you to leave your comments below.

I am seeking to inspire you to Save Well so that you can Live Well and Invest Well so that you can have your own version of Retiring Well.