Office: 215.962.3744
Office: 215.962.3744

Patrick Clark, Founder

Patrick Clark offers over 25 years of Investment Management and Financial Advising.  While Patrick has always worked with small firms that catered to tailored services for wealthy individuals and institutions, he longed to serve the Middle and Working class and the organizations that served them.

Patrick was born and raised in a middle, working class town where most of the people worked in manufacturing jobs or services catering to them.  Patrick’s father worked for 35 years at US Steel and his mother was a stay-at-home mom to him and his two brothers.

These families typically rode through the ebb and flow of the economic cycle, often stretching a dollar for days and weeks during temporary layoffs, which eventually became permanent as these corporations closed their local plants.  Patrick felt the burden of his parents worry, and from a young age wanted to find ways to make life better for families like his.


Patrick recognized that those who fell into these categories are typically underserved by traditional advisors by either not getting direct help, but through a call center, or being put into canned services that will likely not meet their needs.  This leads to increased stress and worry regarding saving, investing, paying down debt, buying a home, paying for education, retiring, etc.

To continue to work with his clients and create a specialization working with middle and working-class individuals, families, and the businesses and organizations that serve them, Patrick created Neshaminy Creek AdvisorsNeshaminy Creek Advisors offers investment management and financial advice with an approach, depth of knowledge, and variety of customizable packages that are available to everyone regardless of status.

Patrick finally found a unique solution to serve his ideal clients in a way that allows him to continue his deep focus and approach to customer service with investment and financial services for every age and economic bracket.


Neshaminy Creek Advisors holds itself ACCOUNTABLE to its clients by providing the tools to advise clients in a timely and efficient manner.  These tools can also provide ACCOUNTABILITY for the client as well.  Each client is provided with their own personal planning web page.  The page takes clients through the goals and financial discovery process to provide the background for ongoing personal planning between the client and Patrick.  Tasks are listed on the page that both the client and Patrick need to complete to move through the ongoing planning process.  This way, the client can prioritize their goals and can always know where in the process things stand.

Neshaminy Creek Advisors provides numerous ACCESS points to Patrick and his team.  This ACCESS does not happen in a traditional advisory relationship.  From scheduled private meetings, calls, and videos to group client calls and events to impromptu emails and calls, the client can be assured of communication from Patrick at least once per month regardless of size or complexity of the client.  Additionally, Patrick has a policy of responding to unscheduled client communication within 24 hours.

Neshaminy Creek Advisors provides multiple service Memberships that are AFFORDABLE to wherever a client is financially.  This provides flexibility in pricing and fees to match the needs of the client with the right amount of ACCOUNTABILITY and/or ACCESSIBILITY to meet their goals.