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Clients receive Discretionary Investment Management Which includes Risk Tolerance, Asset Allocation, and Fund Selection. Combined with Comprehensive Financial Planning/Advice this can be a powerful vehicle towards achieving your goals. 

This service is offered with NO MINIMIUM asset levels.

 Provide Discretionary Investment Management

1.00% on First $1,000,000

0.75% above $1,000,000


The most common way my clients work with me is on a one-on-one basis. By paying a monthly membership that meets their budget, clients receive ongoing access to me while working with them to design their plan. I will monitor the plan, recommend any changes and ensure the plan is up to date on a periodic basis.

Upon desiring a comprehensive plan, a client will be taken through their own personal planning page to establish their goals. They will be asked to provide information to help start the comprehensive plan.

Discussions will take place to prioritize the goals of the client to know what to tackle and in what order and how best to go about doing that.  The personal planning page will contain ongoing data for the client, as well as a task list of items that need to be performed to meet the goals of the client.

Their plan will be built and analyzed and then the findings, analysis and potential changes will be reviewed with the client. We will meet at the client’s convenience within their membership plan. The plan will be monitored throughout the year and follow-up phone and/or video calls and emails will be made to the client to confirm that any agreed upon action steps have been carried out. On a scheduled basis there will be a full review of this plan to ensure its accuracy and appropriate course corrections.

Sitting alongside the comprehensive plan, Neshaminy Creek Advisors manages client investment assets on a discretionary basis.  Fees for this are based on a percent of assets managed.  There is no investment minimum.  In fact, in some cases the client either has no assets at all or the client is not interested in the comprehensive plan service and only wants investment management.  Neshaminy Creek Advisors can accommodate both.  However, if a client desires a comprehensive plan and has assets (other than 401k, 403B, etc.) that need to be managed, Neshaminy Creek Advisors prefers to do both.

One of the biggest issues clients have with their advisors is not so much the performance of the investments, but the frequency and availability of their advisor.  The membership model helps alleviate some of these stress points and worries.  Patrick has redesigned his financial business for his clients to meet their needs.  He has assembled a team of experts to meet any specialized issues that the client may face in their life.

In addition, Patrick has made a Fee-Only pledge.  What this means is that Patrick collects no commissions from outside vendors.  Neshaminy Creek Advisors only revenue is from the fees charged to clients.

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